Letters of Love Series

The Letters of Love Series is close to my heart. Book one is based on the true story of what I went through as a teen, the struggles I faced, and the love I lost. To read about the books in this series, just click on each individual page.



What readers are saying:


This book reminds me of something I would’ve enjoyed reading in high school and I think this is a perfect book for teens.“–Mischenko, Goodreads reviewer


It Starts With L was a great YA story. The way the characters spoke and acted really made you feel as if you were inside the head of a teenage girl, which I have found some other books in this genre to lack.“–Ariana McWilliams, Mommy’s Late Night Book Up Blog


I fell in love with it from the beggining. It’s that kind of story that goes straight to your heart and doesn’t get down from there.“–Cristina, Crazy Beautiful Reads Blog


The storyline and characters were totally relatable, bringing back memories of my own first love and, of course, the excitement of first kisses!“–Heather Gabrielle, Goodreads reviewer