Secrets of Orendor Series


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LAND OF STRENGTH AND SORROW by Cassandra Fear has the magic of adventure, the edge of razor-sharp pain and animosity and the coming of age for a young woman who will discover what it means to be a true leader with heart.“–Dianne from Tometender Blog


Land of Strength and Sorrow was such an incredible read. The author came up with this world so unlike anything I have ever read before.”–Ariana McWilliams.


This novel sent me through dark forests, barren plains, and across glistening rivers. The setting is so rich, I almost felt that the introductions with the various species came and went too quickly. But that critique only shows how engaged I was…”–J.E. Klimov author

“I love Cassandra’s books but this one…this one is totally awesome,unique and magical.“–Cristina from Crazy Beautiful Reads blog

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